Gallery IV – Encaustic Jewellery

Encaustic Jewellery was featured in a two-page spread in “From the Boutique: A Gallery of Jewelry” in the Autumn 2014 issue of ‘Belle Armoire Jewelry’ magazine.  This unique artisan jewellery is created by me using encaustic paints (melted beeswax, damar resin and oil paint) marbled together using an embossing heat gun onto Terraskin™ paper.   Metal leaf (silver or gold) and metallic glitter are added to the warm encaustic paint for shine.  Once cooled, the painted paper is cut out and mounted into a metal bezel of the jewellery piece.  Clear jeweler’s grade resin is poured on top as a protective glossy finish.

To purchase available encaustic jewellery, please visit my online store at Lexi Reid Studio on Etsy.  Or if you would like to commission a custom-made encaustic jewellery piece, please contact me directly to request specific style or colour.