Art in the Workplace, 8th Exhibition at MIP

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My mother, Alida Garside, and I attended the opening night for the 8th Exhibition of “Art in the Workplace” at the Atrium in the McMaster Innovation Place (MIP).

Art in the Workplace, 8th Exhibition

There were over 80 local artists exhibiting their works, and it was tricky to have everyone sit in place for a group photo.   I managed to score a place in the front row (my mom is standing behind me) and my husband, Dave snapped a photo of the group with my iPhone.

Group Photo for the Art in the Workplace, 8th Exhibition

The Atrium is a great venue for exhibiting art – a very modern and airy space.  All the works were hung very professionally. There was a good crowd of people for the opening night.

The Atrium at the McMaster Innovation Park

Unfortunately, my mom’s tryptich was hung in the wrong order, but that was quickly remedied by one of the MIP staff.  Once the pieces “Air, Water and Fire” were hung in the correct order, the overall image made a lot more sense.

Alida Garside with her Elemental tryptich - "Air, Water and Fire"

It was a bit of scavenger hunt to find out where your pieces were hung in the Atrium.  Luckily, my encaustic pieces and my mom’s acrylic paintings were hung in the same corner of the foyer, with mine being very close to the elevator.  I was really happy with my location, since I hoped being near the elevator would be good for visibility.

Alexandra Reid and her three encaustic works at MIP

The pieces that I had chosen this exhibition were three of my favorites – “Blue Dreams”, “Renaissance Wine” and “Parisian Vampire Love Letters.”

"Blue Dreams" by Alexandra Reid

"Renaissance Wine" by Alexandra Reid

"Parisian Vampire Love Letters" by Alexandra Reid

It was great to talk shop with the other artists and get insights on where the good venues in the area were to show art, how to price their works and tips on inexpensive ways to DIY framing.  Networking is as important to artists as it is for the business community – it’s all about who you know!