‘From Heart to Hand’ – Fine Arts Society of Milton art show

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March has been an extremely busy month for showing my work!  They say when ‘it rains, it pours’ which is extremely apt for this early Spring weather.  After my featured artist spot at the Milton A.M. Gallery, I was also fortunate to be able to show a piece in the annual 2012 Fine Arts Society of Milton “From Heart to Hand” members’ Show & Sale.

From Heart to Hand - FASM art show

I had dropped off my encaustic work on the Sunday before the show, and on Monday had a complete panic attack about the piece falling out of its floating wood frame.  Dave had attached the wood panel to the frame with PL Premium adhesive (construction quality glue) so it should have been permanently attached.  But just that day I had received a call from the McMaster Innovation Place saying that my one of pieces there had come off its frame and could I pick up my three pieces and secure them better.

I called Nancy Cuttle (the HtoH organizer) and she said it would be OK for me to come into the Holcim Gallery to add some metal brackets to my wood panel to secure it to the frame.  Phew!  Now my nightmare of my piece (14 x 18 inches solid wood panel) hitting the floor during the Milton Mayor’s speech wouldn’t happen.

I quickly took a photo with my iPhone of the gallery set up – the show looks great – very professional!  Huge variety of mediums – acrylic, oil, photography, sculpture (bronze, stone, fabric), paper cutting, over 16 different types of media.  I think I’m the only encaustic artist – nice to be different.

'From Heart to Hand' show at Holcim Gallery in Milton

You can see my piece on the left-hand side of the big birch tree painting.  On the right-hand you can see my mother’s small acrylic painting, ‘Kerns I’.

"Kerns I" by Alida Garside

My mom and I were chosen to be included in this year’s Autumn FASM Studio Tour – now we need to start making lots of new pieces for sale!  We’re going to jointly exhibit at her studio – she has a beautiful forest setting surrounding her – unlike my less showy suburban basement studio.

Here is a close-up of my encaustic piece, “Briar Rose’s Garden”.  I like the play on words – a rose garden filled with briars or Sleeping Beauty’s garden (Princess Aurora aka Briar Rose) covered in roses.

"Briar Rose's Garden" by Alexandra Reid

I didn’t have time yet to post the behind the scenes work on this piece – the central image is a photo that Dave took of a lovely garden in Montenegro.  When I have a chance to catch my breath (and get over this nasty flu/cold bug), I’ll post my ‘before’ pictures from creating this work.

Next week is the 8th exhibition of ‘Art in the Workplace’ at McMaster Innovation Place – I’ll take some photos of my works in situ there – “Blue Dreams“, “Renaissance Wine” and “Parisian Vampire Love Letters.”