Where Angels Fear to Tread

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For this work, I wanted to play with mixing the encaustic paint into layers with the collage elements.  I felt that this would be a ‘speedier’ creative process than I had used with my previous works.  I didn’t have to go through the effort of carving into the wax, adding colour, removing colour and then sealing everything together.  I had chosen a printed floral napkin that had a nice ‘aged’ appearance.

Paper napkin and other pieces for collage

I added two pieces of other napkins to create a gold border along the left hand corner of the panel, and a strip of brown patterned border on the right hand side.

Mix of encaustic paint layers over patterned border.

Next I added some pink encaustic glaze over the middle of the panel and proceeded to over fuse the wax.  This caused the underlying wax layers to bleed up into the pink encaustic paint.  Once the wax cooled, I added some torn pieces of napkin that had Latin words printed on it.  You can also see where the melted wax brought out the embellished pattern in the brown napkin border.

Layers of paint pick up embossed pattern in border.

I tried to clean up the borders of the panel by melting the excess wax off of them.  This also muted the pink colour on the panel as it blended into the creams and whites of the underlayers.  I sealed the panel with natural encaustic medium (EM), giving it an aged appearance.

Napkin roses and tissue paper angel added to panel.

I added the roses from the printed floral napkin and tore out the angel image from some Christmas tissue paper (you can see this angel’s brother on another piece of mine, Renaissance Wine).  I covered everything with a final layer of natural EM to make the layers look level, almost like being encased in amber.

You can see my finished work, “Angel’s Garden” at my online Etsy store, ‘Lexi Reid Studio.’

"Angel's Garden" by Alexandra Reid